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A typical day as a patent attorney

Posted by longacrepatentbarreview on September 25, 2010

What is a typical day in the life of a patent attorney?

Think of a juggling act with lots of balls in the air and horrible consequences if any are dropped.

When our typical patent attorney heads to the Office or logs in from wherever he or she may be, he or she has no idea how the day will be spent. Its true that we don’t have patent emergencies in the sense of criminal and other lawyers, but we have client’s calls to address an immediate problem, calls from examiners who want to make deals to issue patents, summons from other firm lawyers to help out on some large issue or to report research or other work.

Here’s a recent day for a busy practitioner at a medium sized firm in the mid-west.

8 am – Drive a half hour to the office and make three calls returning yesterday’s calls. Happily, no one answers, so messages are left.

8;30 – Arrive at the Office and caffeinate while talking to an associate about progress of a research assignment on a litigation where she is second chair.

9:00 – Write claims for a new patent application which by any measure is long overdue

11:00 – Call examiner re possible claim amendments. Report conversation with examiner to client by email

11:30 – Receive email from client authorizing claim amendments, and call examiner to authorize

12: Lunch at desk correcting billing reports, three days overdue and bookkeeping is threatening to withhold next paycheck.

1:00 – Make arrangements for deposition on West Coast following week and coordinate with opposing counsel

2:00 – Review application from abroad with priority date of date and approve for filing

3:00 – Leave office for nearby Starbucks to complete claims

5:00 – Return to office, sign letters and Office filings and join associates at nearby pub for bonding.

7:00 – Head Home


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